Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a collection of our most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer here, then please get in touch with us and we will help you further.

Getting Started

A: Absolutely nothing. Membership and use of Search Lotto is, and always will be, completely free to users.
A: Search Lotto generates revenue through advertising partners on our search results page. This revenue is used to fund the lottery ticket syndicates.
A: Yes, your Lotto entry will be for a genuine UK National Lottery ticket (the same draw that is shown on TV). Each National Lottery ticket is shared by a syndicate of 20 randomly selected users (or 25 if it is a EuroMillions entry).
A: Once you have signed up, simply visit instead of your usual search engine (you may want to add our website into your favourites or set it as your start page) - make sure you are logged in each time you search to ensure your searches count towards your Lotto entry.
A: Search Lotto will work with all modern web browsers, however works best with Bing, Chrome, Firefox, and Safara including mobile editions.
A: You will receive one Lotto entry for every 25 unique searches you perform, up to a maximum of four tickets per week. The first 20 unique searches you make each day will qualify towards this, and daily search credits are valid for a period of 365 days.
A: You are able to print off your lottery tickets from our website and watch the draw live on the TV! Alternatively, login to your account and click on My Lottery Tickets. We pay all winners within 7 working days of the draw taking place by either PayPal or Bank Transfer - there are no minimum payment amounts, so even if you only match 3 numbers we will pay you.
A: You must be at least 18 years of age to use the Search Lotto service.
A: Search Lotto uses a feed from Yahoo! to generate and display the results to you. In our opinion, the search quality is as good as current leading search engines (try us out using the search box at the top of this page).
A: Yes, please do! If you login to your account you will find plenty of ways to refer your friends to use Search Lotto - via Twitter, Facebook, emails or the usual web links. As a little thank you, we will give you one free lottery ticket entry for each friend you successfully refer to us.
A: Search Lotto takes user privacy extremely seriously. We support and comply fully with the code of conduct published by the Information Commissioner's Office. For full details of the information we collect, please see our Privacy Policy.
A: No, Search Lotto will work with all major web browsers and does not require any additional software to be downloaded.
A: Absolutely! Because of the way Search Lotto works, you are able to use the service on any computer that is connected to the Internet and has a basic web browser on it. To see how to do this, login to your account and click on Start Searching.
A: We want you to use Search Lotto as you would any other search engine.
There are, however, a few basic rules that apply:
- The user must be aged 18
- A maximum of 20 unique searches per day will be counted towards your syndicate entry
- A maximum of 4 syndicate entries can be issued to a user each week, regardless of the number of searches they have performed
- Repeated similar or identical searches will not be counted towards your syndicate entry.
A: Searches are verified before being added to your account. Verification takes into account several factors that determine whether a search is perceived to be valid. These factors include checking whether the search phrase is identical or extremely similar to recent searches. We also throttle your search queries so that only one search query is verified every two minutes - this is to help prevent abuse of the service and the use of automated robots or scripts. Additionally, please remember that you can only accumulate up to 20 verified searches per day and a maximum of 100 verified searches per week. These safeguards are in place to help ensure the service can be enjoyed fairly by all users.
A: Please click here to set a new password.

When you Win

A: The winning amount is split evenly between all 20 syndicate members (or 25 if it is a EuroMillions entry). So, for example, if you match 4 numbers and win £100, each syndicate member will receive £5 (or £4 in the case of a EuroMillions entry). No hidden fees or charges are deducted from your winnings.
A: Payments are made via PayPal or Bank Transfer to the account that you specify.
A: Please allow up to 7 working days from the lottery draw date to receive your winning payment.
A: All winning payments are recorded on our website and can be viewed by logging into your account and clicking on My Winning Payments.
A: If you haven't received your winning payment within 7 working days of the lottery draw, please contact us so that we can investigate further.

Your Lottery Entries

A: Yes, if you don't manage to accrue the 25 searches required to get your Lotto entry this week, we will carry over the searches you have done to the next week. Please note, however, that there is a limit of 100 searches that you can accumulate each week - any searching you do over this will not count towards extra Lotto entries or be carried forward to the following week.
A: No. All numbers are assigned via Lucky Dips direct from the National Lottery.
A: Lottery numbers are randomly assigned to a group of 20 users (or 25 in the case of a EuroMillions entry). These numbers are generated as the result of a Lucky Dip direct from the National Lottery.
A: No. Your lottery ticket is shared in a syndicate with 19 other users (or 24 in the case of a EuroMillions entry).
A: Unfortunately not. All lottery tickets are purchased electronically direct from the National Lottery and hence no physical ticket exists.
A: You are currently able to get a maximum of 4 lottery entries per week.
A: Login to your account, click My Lottery Tickets and you will see a complete list of the lottery numbers you have been assigned each week alongside the latest results. Additionally, you can print off your own ticket so that you can watch the draw live on TV.

Referring Friends

A: Please login to your account and click Refer a Friend. We will give you one free Lotto entry for each new user that you successfully refer to Search Lotto! You can refer friends via Facebook, Twitter or traditional email recommendations. Please note that you will receive your free Lotto entry once you friend has earned their first entry (i.e. once they have completed 25 verified searches).
A: Aside from your friends benefiting from getting to play the National Lottery for free each week, you will be rewarded with a free Lotto entry for each friend that signs up and uses the service! Please note that you will receive your free Lotto entry once you friend has earned their first entry (i.e. once they have completed 25 verified searches).
A: No, there are currently no limits to the number of friends you can refer.
A: Yes, simply login to your account and click on Refer a Friend - the number of your friends who have signed up will be displayed on this page.